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Top Notch Ceramics

Slip-Cast Pottery
  • Are these products handmade?
    All ceramic products are handmade using a process called slip-cast pottery. Some items may be hand built using clay. Other accessory items, such as bulbs, light kits, etc., may be purchased to add on to the pottery. These accessory items most-likely are not handmade.
  • Some items look old or vintage. Are these items old or new?
    All items are new unless otherwise stated. Most items look old or vintage because they are cast from vintage molds from the 1950s forward.
  • Are items made in the USA?
    Yes, all items are made in the USA, where available. Some accessory items may be imported because they are currently not produced in the USA, but these items are few.
  • Will the color of an item match exactly to what I see on this website?
    Because of hte limitations in computer screens, the coloring you see on any website for an item may not be exactly as it is in natural or indoor lighting. The final color should be close but may not exactly be as you are seeing it on your computer screen. Also, keep in mind the final product is constructed of clay and is fired in a kiln reaching around 2,000 degrees. Factors affecting the firing process, such as humidity and temperature, can affect the final color.
  • Will the item I purchase be the exact size you give in the description?
    The size in the product description should be viewed as a close estimate. We are producing hand cast items, which shrink the first time as it dries and shrinks the second time as it is being fired. Both of those processes can be affected by humidity and temperature. Commercially produced items are expected to be exact each time. Handmade items are expected to be slightly difference each time.
  • Might there be other differences in items besides color and dimensions?
    Since each item is handmade and hand cast, slight differences are typical. Differences can range from ridges, fingerprints, indentions, add-on placements, dips, and etc. Minor differences should be expected and enjoyed. Commercially produced items are expected to be identical. Singly produced items are expected to be unique and treasured.


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Located in Leeds, Ala.

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© 2019 by Top Notch Ceramics. Created by Tidmore Communications

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